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1) Quality
We are one of the very few Chinese companies in the field with innovative independent core technology of Color Doppler Ultrasound as well as MRI. Our experienced management team and professional engineering team with customer-centric approach can give you confidence to achieve your customer's satisfaction. When you choose us, we ensure you and your reputation with quality product and quality service. Your business is our focus.

2) Support
We are not just selling you a product but also a supporting solution including education, technical service and our unique experties in medical imaging product distribution. Our international biomed eng team staff can back you up with the right technical answers instantly through the most ease 1-2-3 step way of operation. Support of our staff Sonographer (ARDMS certificated) will also ensure you with any application enquires.

3) Competitive price
Our unique technology in design and architecture assures you with the same product quality as compare to the leading brands but with an affordable price

4) Future
It is our honor to work with you to explore our great potential to be one of the leading players in the medical imaging industry and you will be proud of being part of it.

If you see the potential and would like to be part of our success story, please complete our dealer registration form on the right. We will contact you as soon as receiving it.

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