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China’s leading research team in both

color Doppler ultrasound and MRI core technology.
- Taking advanced technology as the most important factor to success.
- Engagement of more than 100 professional staff engineers in the R&D team.
- Core ultrasound team and core MRI team are with over 10 years of experiences in the field
- Alliance for technology advancing with world leading academic institutions and organizations
- Collaborative activities with world famous medical imaging equipment companies
- Collaborative activities with clinical expertise of medical imaging
- Awarded with “National High-tech Enterprise” by government
- Development with independent core technology of color Doppler ultrasound engine
- Development with independent core technology of MRI spectrometer
- Developed windows-based network and multimedia technology
- Developed full digital color Doppler ultrasound system, iuStar200 series
- Developed high performance color Doppler ultrasound system, iuStar200-pro series
- Developed full digital portable color Doppler ultrasound system, iuStar100 series
- Digital multi-beam Forming imaging
- 3D/4D volume imaging technology
- Spatial compound imaging
- Frequency compound imaging
- Adaptive speckle reduction technology
- Harmonic imaging
- Elastography imaging
- Eddy current suppression control
- Scan time and imaging quality optimization algorithm
- Multi-part, multi-direction, multi-contrast imaging
- Integrated sequence development environment